The journal "EDUCA JOURNAL International Scientific Journal of Educational Sciences" began to be published in 2016.


The journal will be exchanged with over 300 scientific and professional institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.


In order to establish the transfer of information from all of our and the world's professional and academic institutions, we decided for the very first issue to make the necessary interventions in order to ensure and continuously improve the quality as well, and make efforts to harmonize the content with the global standards.


On behalf of the publisher, the editorial board has already initiated necessary actions in order to have the journal indexed in the appropriate and relevant scientific databases and make it available to scientists all over the world.


Since the Faculty and the editorial board as well have established close contacts with our scientists in the world, they have embraced all forms of cooperation, including the publication of the results of their research in our journals, which enables our diaspora to achieve a closer contact, through "EDUCA JOURNAL International Scientific Journal of Educational Sciences", with their Faculty, in which they acquired their basic educational skills.


As you can see, in this issue we also present the guidelines to authors for publishing in the "EDUCA JOURNAL International Scientific Journal of Educational Sciences", so we kindly ask you to send your papers following the given instructions. We are sure that, in the future, your cooperation will be important and crucial in the process of indexation, since it depends on that whether the younger generation will be provided a direct entry to the world of science and profession.


We wish you all success in the creative work and achievement of the highest scientific results.